House H

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House H

Soprabolzano, Italy

House H, located in oberbozen, is an intimate refuge, a place to live surrounded by landscape. Placed close to the angle of the existing holzner parkhotel building, it represents the final point of the compound.

The concept is that of introducing connection elements to allow the dialogue between existing and new. Starting from a linear volume, working by subtracting: by alternating intimate balconies with dug loggias, the attention moves away from the historic renon train tracks.

The house assumes an introverted personality, not only because of its shape but also because of its materials. The facades feature a solid earth colored cement structure. Every opening seems to have been carved out from the original volume of the house by digging and pushing the solid mass. Through these voids a new relation with nature is established, providing the user with unexpected framings of the landscape, different in size, proportions and depth.

On the roof of the house a private garden covered with a pergola seems to dissolve with the compound structure. Thick masonry walls have been covered in a hand-applied stucco containing locally-sourced materials. Interior pavements in terrazzo and natural oak elements recall traditional renon hotels.


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